Project: Johnny’s Wife’s Place

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Overview/Case Study

A business’ website is crucial to building their online brand. It is where customers go to get contact information, browse products or services, and just overall learn a little more about the company. Our case study client came to us wondering why they weren’t getting much business from their website. While they did have a website, it was missing a lot of features that make it user friendly or interactive. With our design skills and experience, we were able to completely revamp this client’s website into something they are truly proud of. Keep reading to find out how the transformation of this client in the restaurant industry’s website increased business.

Load Time

When this client came to us their website was taking close to 6 seconds to load during peak hours, which is entirely too long. Did you know that over 40% of people will leave a website and go to a competitors site if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load? That being said, load time is crucial to a website. We were able to provide this client with a website that loaded quickly. This will greatly persuade many customers browsing the site to go to this restaurant or order take out since there is no wait time to reconsider another option. Page speed is also an SEO ranking factor, so not only did this help better user experience, it also positively contributed to their Search Engine Rankings with Google, Bing and other search engines.


In 2019, a business website is usually the first interaction you have with a potential customer. For this reason, a website that is easy to read, looks nice, and is easy to navigate is crucial. Before, this client’s website design was not organized and it was very hard to find what you were looking for. We changed all of that. Now, this client has a website that is aesthetically appealing, organized, and represents their brand. Users are able to navigate through the different pages with ease and have a much more positive experience while on the site. We added direct options for Online Ordering and Click To Call button, making it even easier for customers to instantly interact with the business.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are different methods that can used in SEO, one of them being on-page optimization. This deals with optimizing your website for search engines and our case study client’s original website was not taking advantage of this SEO technique. When building out their website, we were sure to include rich content across all of their pages. We also updated all of their title tags and meta descriptions to also include location based keywords. In addition, we hosted their website on faster dedicated servers, which reduced the load time. A reduction in load time leads to a lower bounce rate and also contributes to better rankings.

Responsive Design

Another important feature, which contributes to better SEO, is the responsive design. The original case study website was not optimized for mobile devices which makes the experience less user friendly and can negatively impact SEO. Google algorithms take into account the usability of a website and how easy it is for users to access across all of their devices. A responsive design website ranks better on Google. Without a responsive design, users on their smartphones and tablets had issues accesses the site menu and information. This caused them to get frustrated and choose another place to eat. Now their menu is easily accessible and easy to read across all devices.

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Before – Desktop

Before – Phone/Tablet

After – Desktop

After – Phone/Mobile