Email Design and Marketing

Customers today expect personalized service online which is why email marketing has consistently been the marketing channel with the highest ROI. Personalizing email campaigns create better results, and is an absolute no-brainer!

Let’s look at how this can be achieved effectively: have you ever had to explain to a salesperson what it is exactly that you are looking for and spent valuable time on carefully outlining every little detail so that they can find the product? And if they couldn’t find it, you would have to go through the entire process again at some other shop. Those were the days of brick and mortar shops and the landscape has changed now due to the penetration of the Internet and the rapid adoption of mobile phones and devices.

Now that there is a marked change in the shopping paradigm where it begins on a digital platform for about 87% of consumers. Even while visiting a physical store around 71% of the shoppers will bring out their mobile devices to search for the product to read reviews and compare pricing. These shoppers favor brands that put effort into establishing a relationship with them which pays huge dividends to said brands.

Email marketing plays a big role in creating those long-lasting bonds between a consumer and the brand. In 2018, email marketing had an ROI of 4400%. This is reflective of the fact that more than 80% of consumers prefer receiving any type of communications from marketers via email. It then becomes imperative to make emailers as personal as possible. Personalized emails have higher open rates and drive more transactions. Approximately 74% of marketers attest that a personalized emailer increases customer engagement.